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Crocodile Trade Mark Tablets - Herbal Supplement

Size: 50 tablets per box
Product code: CCD1
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Crocodile Trademark Tablets are a very popular natural herbal supplement in China that is used to support the general health of the respiratory tract. This supplement specifically supports the health of the throat, larynx, nose and sinuses.

Benefits: As a natural supplement, it is effective in supporting your respiratory health. This supplement contains Chinese asparagus root, which has been used for thousands of years in Asia for lung support. It is believed to help to moisten lung tissues, and to support the lungs.

WARNING: This product will expose you to chemicals including arsenic and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Manufactured by Chengdu Yongkang Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Product of China

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Crocodile Trademark Tablets include the following ingredients: Dwarf-lilyturf Root, Chinese Asparagus Root, Gypsum, Perilla Fruit, Brown's Lily Bulb, Tartarian Aster Root and Stem, Trichosanthes Root, Tree Peony Bark, Adenophora Root, Balloon-flower Root and Stem, Peucedanum Root, Mature Tangerine Peel, Baikal Skullcap Root and Stem

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    • For adults, we recommend that you take four tablets, twice per day with water. For children under 12: Do not use.


    • Not be used during pregnancy.
    • Not for long term use or use in excess of recommended amounts.
    • Not recommended for use in cases of menstruation, or pronounced perspiration.
    • Use with caution in cases of peptic ulcers.
    • In case of overdose: Administration of activated charcoal and syrup of ipecac is recommended.
    • Get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.
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