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logo icon 3 Great Herbs for Boosting Your Energy

3 Great Herbs for Boosting Your Energy

Spring is here, and with the warmer weather comes the urge to get outside, get more exercise and just generally be more active.

However, as we transition into a more active season, sometimes we experience a lag in energy. We just don’t have enough energy to go for that run, that bike ride or go to the gym. Many people will first turn to caffeine to give them the jolt of energy they need to get things done. But there are many things that we can do to increase our energy other than that.

The first thing to consider is to lighten up the foods we eat. Eating heavier foods in the winter can leave us feeling bloated and lethargic. Consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and lay off the carbs and even some of the protein.

Another great thing to do is to both boost and heal our adrenal gland with some herbs. And keep in mind that consuming caffeine puts stress on the adrenals and leaves us with not as much energy.

We recommend you try these three herbs to boost your energy levels for your spring workout:


This herb helps to boost your immune system, relieve pain and inflammation. Also it is a strong antioxidant that will help your body to adapt to stress. Eleuthero will increase your energy, stamina and reduce your fatigue. Also it just helps your body to use the energy that it has in a more effective fashion. You can take eleuthero two times per day, but do not take it too close to bedtime. It can cause insomnia in some people.


This is an Ayurvedic herb that works well with eleuthero. Like that herb, ashwagandha is an adaptogen and will reduce the effects of stress on your nervous system. It will reduce your adrenaline ‘fight or flight’ reaction and provide you will more energy for regular use during your workouts. It also has been found to improve depression, which can be a huge drain on our energy stores. It also will stabilize your blood sugar and cut down inflammation. When the body is not using energy to fight early illness stages, there will be more energy for our work outs. We recommend that you try up to 1000 mg per day.

Oil from Oregano

Dormant viruses can cause us to experience chronic or acute fatigue. You might suffer from no other symptoms, or you may suffer symptoms that do not usually make you think you have a virus. These can include skin rashes, pain and joints that ache. We find that cleaning out the liver with oil of oregano can be a great way to make you feel better and boost energy.

Try to put a few drops of this oil in an eight ounce glass of water two times per day.

Our Recommendation – Ginseng Tonic Capsules

Our very popular ginseng capsules will help you to restore both your mental and physical energy and also will stimulate your circulation for more efficient workouts.



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