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Solstice Medicine


logo iconOur Story Starts Here


Solstice Medicine Company was brought to Los Angeles over 40 years ago by our Founder, Phillip So. Phillip recognized a void and demand to fulfill for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the community. The population of Chinese immigrants desired health support and remedies that they were familiar with, specifically over-the-counter TCM and natural supplements. To fill this void, Phillip began importing and curating carefully selected products to serve the community until it eventually became a formal important business and a trusted provider for high-quality products. Phillip’s Daughter, Wina So-Tang, is the current CEO of Solstice Medicine Company. Wina’s career at Solstice began in 2001 after earning her degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Her innovative perspective translated traditional Chinese medicines into an approachable and modern dialogue.


What began as a family-run business has quickly become a nationally trusted distributor of traditional Chinese medicine. Brought from Chinese origins, Solstice Medicine Company now serves a growing audience of Asian Americans in the United States. Solstice Medicine Company is one of the most powerful Chinese-American natural wellness enterprises in the country, empowering people to stay healthy by delivering quality eastern medicines to customers all over the world.

Leading The Way


At Solstice Medicine Company, we believe in delivering authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products and sharing centuries of knowledge passed down from our ancestors. In pursuit of this goal, CEO, Wina So-Tang developed innovative contracts that prohibit the production of counterfeit products. These contracts led to the registration of Solstice Medicine’s intellectual properties and trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Customs. We are constantly taking actions and measures to provide the quality and authenticity that you deserve.

Solstice Medicine continues to be a leader and trusted distributor for traditional Chinese medicine. We bring time-honored, internationally recognized products to market legally in the United States. We only sell products we would use on ourselves and support safe use while thwarting unauthorized distribution. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with those who wish to be empowered by health and wellness. We welcome and invite everyone to learn how to integrate TCM into everyday health and wellness practices. We pride ourselves in the pursuit of integrity, both in our products and within our business practices. Our hope is to continue providing the highest quality TCM products in the market and educate generations to come about the wonders of TCM.

logo iconOur Process


Solstice Medicine Company follows an attentive, careful and cautious process to make sure we deliver safe products and authentic traditional Chinese medicine. We work closely with brand owners to ensure the formulation complies with U.S. statutes, regulations and laws. All products are consciously reviewed to ensure the ingredient(s) and/or component(s) of the products are under compliance. We review the formulation (i.e., ratios of components/ingredients) along with the suggested serving sizes, dosing, instructions of use and directions for safety and compliance.

We work with our manufacturers to ensure compliance of U.S. FDA facility registration and transparent manufacturing practices. The above goals are achieved by Solstice Medicine's collaborations in following go-to-market determinations:

  • Categorizing/classifying products for the U.S. market (e.g., food, dietary supplement, cosmetic, over-the-counter drug).
  • Coordinating with brand owners to prepare retail labeling for compliance with applicable U.S. product category labeling requirements.
  • Coordinating with the manufacturer to ensure appropriate packaging components and configurations are used.
  • Aligning with the brand owner and/or manufacturer to delineate manufacturing, distribution, and consumer responsibilities.
  • Ensure meeting or exceeding the U.S. FDA code of Federal Regulations requirements for the evaluation and qualification of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Initial vetting and ongoing monitoring of the manufacturing facilities performance and industry reputation.
  • Verify U.S. FDA facility registration. This is the manufacturing facility committing to allow the Agency to enter and inspect the facility for adherence to good manufacturing practices.
  • Upholding social responsibility by providing the U.S. consumer a voice and line of communication to the brand owners and manufacturers. Supporting U.S. consumers with a point of contact for product inquiries, suggestions and serious adverse events reports. Inquiries can be made through social media, voice calls, email correspondence, fax and written letters.
  • Managing ultimate finished packaged product laboratory confirmatory specification testing once the commercial lots arrive in the United States.
  • Managing the commercial lot inventories to support any regulatory track and trace requests to all levels of distribution.
  • Maintaining GMP records of compliance throughout commercial distribution activities.