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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a rich practice yet completely modern healing system. Solstice Medicine Company has been leading the way in TCM for over 40 years as a trusted expert and curator, utilizing the best TCM practices and evaluating the best products to offer. We only sell products we would use ourselves and we work with our manufacturers to ensure U.S. FDA facility registration and good manufacturing practice compliance. Our knowledge of TCM and our experience working in the industry make Solstice Medicine one of the country’s most powerful and trusted Chinese-American natural wellness enterprises.

At Solstice Medicine, we pride ourselves on being leaders and educating our consumers with the tools to build the foundation for lasting health. By delivering time-honored, internationally recognized products all over the world, we hope to empower people in their health and wellness journey by sharing our knowledge of TCM and its benefits. 

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About Solstice

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brought from Chinese origins to Los Angeles, California and now, offered digitally worldwide.


Over 40 years ago, Solstice Medicine was brought to Los Angeles by our Founder, Phillip So. What began as a family-run business quickly became a nationally trusted distributor of traditional Chinese medicine. Brought from Chinese origins, Solstice Medicine Company now serves a growing audience of Asian Americans in the United States. Solstice Medicine Company is one of the most powerful Chinese-American natural wellness enterprises in the country, empowering people to stay healthy by delivering quality eastern medicines to customers all over the world.

Solstice Medicine strives to meet the demand for interest in traditional Chinese medicine’s eastern approach of healing. We work to share our knowledge with those who wish to be educated and empowered by health and wellness. We welcome and invite all to learn how to integrate TCM into everyday health and wellness practices. We pride ourselves in our pursuit of integrity, both in our products and within our business practices, and hope to educate generations to come about the wonders of TCM.

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