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logo icon How Camphor Can Relieve Pain in the Body

How Camphor Can Relieve Pain in the Body

It was Marco Polo who first introduced the tree called Cinnamonum comphora to Europe, which is where camphor oil is derived. This tree is a very large variety and is native to India, Japan and China. The leaves, roots, branches and trunk are used to make the essential oil that can relieve minor aches in pains in muscles and joints. Camphor oil is commonly used in many rubs and oils to provide pain relief from minor arthritis pain.

Ancient Chinese herbalists thought that the best health properties from the camphor tree were from those that were at least 50 years old. Interestingly, this practice is still used today in some distilleries in Asia.

In medieval times, the camphor tree, which has a white, powdery residue, was believed to have magical properties. It was used in both witchcraft and by medicine men in many cultures.

How Camphor Oil Works

This oil has an interesting, duel hot and cold action. When it is first applied to the skin of the affected area, it numbs and cools the nerve endings there. Then, it warms the painful area as it increases circulation to stiff and sore muscles or joints. This analgesic effect is what makes it so effective for sore areas of the body.

Other Uses of Camphor Oil

During the 19th century, camphor oil was used by doctors to support the health of the lungs and respiratory system. It was used to relieve symptoms associated with cold and flu, including an itchy throat and cough.

This oil also has often been used in various massage oils before and after sporting events to relieve pain from sprains, sore muscles and joint point. The oil also is used in bug sprays and insect bite creams.

Camphor oil also works well as an anti-inflammatory agent. So, it can be helpful to support the body in the healing process. Skin problems such as pimples and acne also can be reduced by using the oil. If you suffer from rashes on the skin, camphor oil can be used to prevent itching.

Pure camphor can be distilled to remove some of the toxic chemicals. Then, it is transformed into white camphor that can be safely ingested. White camphor often is used in cough drops and cough suppressants.

Wood from the tree in the past was harvested and used to create trunks and chests to store clothes. The wood from the camphor tree is highly durable and is useful to repel insects. It also protects the items inside from corrosive salt water and air. This is the reason that camphor wood was long prized by sailors and travelers; these chests were effective in protecting their personal items. 

Our Recommendation - Axe Brand Universal Oil

This product has been chosen by Chinese families for decades to ease aches and pains associated with arthritis and sore muscles. It also can help with strains, sprains and bruises. The camphor oil in this product has been shown to be very effective in reducing minor muscle and joint pain.

This oil was first created when Leung Yun Chee took a journey from China to Singapore in the early 20 th century. There he met a German doctor, who with him created Axe Brand Universal Oil. Our unique product is based upon the very same formula that the two men created almost 100 years ago.

The formula was taken back to China, and the first Axe Brand Universal Oil was made in 1930.

We recommend that adults and children who are two or older should apply this product to the sore area up to three or four times per day. This product should not be used by those under two years of age.

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