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Kidney Health

Kidney Health

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Despite being a small organ, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers the kidneys the power source for the entire body. Chinese medicine focuses on kidney support because kidneys are crucial for controlling the flow of Qi and the body’s balance of Yin and Yang. 

When balance is off, maybe due to health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, it can lead to kidney stones, infections, and even chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Kidney support supplements are crucial to your health. When the energies are balanced, your body feels more energetic and healthy because the kidneys can eliminate waste while balancing the proper amount of fluids, salt, and minerals. 

TCM kidney health supplements help the kidneys function better by feeding the Yin and Yang energies through various herbs and minerals. 

Solstice Medicine Company provides affordable supplements with easy-to-understand product information. We back our products with trusted TCM principles.

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