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Tancho Pomade Hair Dressing - L
丹頂純植物性髮臘 (大)

Size: 4.5 oz. (130 g) per bottle
4.5 oz.

Product code: TCP1L

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This pomade is made to groom unruly hair while giving it a luscious shine.

Green hair dressing pomade for hair grooming, lightly congealed "standard type." this pomade is most suitable for unruly hair. It grooms and settles the hair, giving it a luscious shine.

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Active Ingredients:

  • Castor Oil
  • Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax
  • Fragrance
  • Bht
  • D&c Green No. 6
  • D&c Yellow No. 11

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Manufactured by
Pt Mandom Indonesia Tbk

Product of

The safety of this product has not been determined.

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