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Bak Fung Yuen - Herbal Supplement

Size: 10 pills per box

Product code: CLC06

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Bak Fung Yuen is a natural herbal supplement that provides optimum support for a woman’s reproductive health. It is believed to help overall health and well being and to support a healthy heart. Some believe that it also helps to improve mental alertness.


Bak Fung Yuen contains Chinese licorice root which is believed to support immune system function by naturally boosting our interferon levels.

Genugreek seed is known to be very beneficial for women in several ways. First, it can help support the production of breast milk, because it contains diosgenin, which is known to increase milk production. It also contains diosgenin and isoflavones, which will relieve some of the discomfort of menstrual cramps and PMS.

This natural supplement also contains astralgalus root. This root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural, restorative herb. It is thought to help stimulate the immune system. Overall, astragalus root can help to provide you with more energy all day long.

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Bak Fung Yuen contains:

  • Chinese Licorice Root
  • Codonopsis Root
  • Genugreek Seed
  • Baikal Skullcap Root
  • White Peony Root
  • Prepared Atractylodes Rhizome
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Nut Grass Rhizome
  • Ginger Rhizome
  • Rehmannia Root Tuber
  • Sichuan Fritillary Bulb
  • Astragalus Root
  • Sichuan Teasel Root

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We recommend that you take one or two pills each day.

Manufactured by
Chan Li Chai Medical Factory (H.K.) Ltd.

Product of
Hong Kong

Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing.
Do not exceed recommended amount or use for prolonged periods of time.
Not recommended for use in cases of diarrhea, indigestion, diabetes, hypertension, liver disorders, severe kidney insufficiency, and hypokalemia.
Persons with gallstones should consult a practitioner prior to use.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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