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logo icon 9 Amazing Benefits of Rehmannia Root

9 Amazing Benefits of Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia root is a perennial herb native to Asian countries, including China, Korea, and Japan. The subterranean part of the plant is also known as di huang (unprocessed root tuber) and sheng di huang (cured root tuber) in Chinese. The plant’s parts, which are above the ground, are easy to recognize due to their unique yellow, red, or violet flowers, shaped like bells. It’s referred to as Chinese Foxglove. Its scientific name is Rehmannia glutinosa, which is a reference to the glutinous, sticky property of the root.

Rehmannia root was introduced in the west during the 18th century. Due to its increased popularity, it is now grown as an ornamental garden plant in Europe and the U.S. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is used as a liver, kidney, and heart tonic to support healthy blood glucose levels, bowel movements, blood production, blood circulation, and menstrual cycles.*

It's also believed to help with the adrenal function of hormones and helps support the body in various autonomic responses, such as muscle strength, joint formation, and cellular signaling .* Let’s dive into the benefits of Rehmannia root.

9 Outstanding Benefits of Rehmannia Root

1. Helps the body’s natural processes like inflammation
Rehmannia root naturally contains nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, amino acids, and rehmaglitin, which are known to possess potent joint and immune system-supporting properties.* These naturally occurring nutrients may be helpful in supporting the body’s natural management of the depletion of glycogen supplies.*

According to a study published in 2019, Rehmannia root contains a compound known as geniposide, which is believed to help support the body’s natural management of inflammation responses associated with common discomforts.* [1] This was reported in animal models necessitating the need for human trials to ascertain the human benefits.
In a 2009 study, Rehmannia root was reported to have considerable benefits in supporting joint health.* Fifty-seven women with concerns of the knee were given a Rehmannia root for the study or a placebo. After six weeks, the group that was given Rehmannia root reported considerable activity and knee improvement.* [2]

 2. Healthy blood sugar and metabolism
Rehmannia root is one of TCM’s most recommended herbs for blood sugar regulation.* It supports blood sugar and metabolism by helping the natural stimulation of insulin secretion and supporting healthy insulin sensitivity.* [3]

In a 2013 study, where participants followed a protocol containing Rehmannia root, researchers reported favorable results from the participants after eight weeks.* Interestingly, it was reported that the effect of the protocol was different between participants with Yin deficiency and those with Qi deficiency, necessitating the need for personalization plans based on an individual’s health goals.*[4]

In a 2015 weight management study, the supplementation of Rehmannia root in participants was measured. It was reported that some of the participants met their health goals after eight weeks of taking steamed Rehmannia root.* The researchers speculated that the mechanism of action was due to the Rehmannia root’s nutritional benefits with gut microflora.* [5]

It is also believed that geniposide, another compound found in Rehmannia root, has healthy weight management benefits and is metabolism-friendly.* [1]

3. Supports Urinary Tract Health
The kidneys can be damaged significantly if the kidney filters are not working well, a condition known as ​​glomerulonephritis. This can lead to swelling, high blood pressure, proteinuria and hematuria, among many other symptoms. Glomerulonephritis can occur suddenly or develop over time. Sometimes it occurs along with other conditions, and if this happens, you should see your healthcare provider.

In any case, Rehmannia root is believed to have potential benefits that can help support your urinary tract.* Traditionally, Rehmannia root is believed to support urinary tract health by nourishing Yin, supplementing Qi, and enabling blood circulation to remove blood stasis.* Scientifically, researchers report that it might be effective nutrient supplementation when combined with irbesartan and used alongside conventional medication.* This was reported in a 2014 study where participants who were given Rehmannia root showed progress after eight weeks of medical treatment.* [6]

In a limited 2012 study, researchers reported that Rehmannia root might be beneficial in supporting a diabetic’s unique diet.* They reported that combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with conventional medicine, under the guidance of a healthcare provider, had the potential to reduce body mass index and fasting blood glucose, among other markers.* [7]

4. Supports Brain Function
Rehmannia root is believed to support healthy brain development and normal cognitive function.* In an inconclusive 2005 study, a herbal supplement containing Rehmannia root was reported to have mental nutritional benefits that resulted in information processing and cognitive ability.* [8]

It was also reported that herbal nutrient supplementation could help patients or the elderly get sufficient nutrition for healthy brain function.* This is linked to the geniposide compound, whose protective benefits and antioxidant qualities are known to support brain health.* [1]
5. Helps With Bone Health
Osteoporosis is the condition where bones become weak due to tissue loss resulting from calcium or vitamin D deficiency or hormonal changes. Rehmannia root contains bone health nutrients, which are attributed to its ability to support healthy kidney and liver function while helping blood circulation.*

In a 2017 review, researchers analyzed 300 research papers and studied 107 clinical trials which showed Rehmannia root in combination with other herbs. The researchers reported that “most of the clinical trials are characterized by promising benefits and no obvious adverse side effects.”* [9] However, more research is required to ascertain the bone-supporting properties of Rehmannia root supplementation.

6. Supports Fatigue & Endurance
One of the most popular uses of Rehmannia root is as a refreshing tonic. The energy properties of Rehmannia root were tested in mice in 2012, and researchers reported that it might be beneficial in combating exhaustion and supporting endurance.* [10] According to a 2018 study, Rehmannia root has the potential to help the natural resistance of the body in stressful conditions.* [11] However, further studies are required.

7. Helps Red Blood Cell Systems
Anemia is a medical condition where the body lacks enough red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen to body tissues. While there is no specific cure for anemia, it can be corrected and managed under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Rehmannia root is believed to help with blood circulation and, as such, may help deliver nutrition to the vital blood systems.*

In a 2012 study, Rehmannia root was used as part of a herbal decoction, where participants with red blood cell goals showed progress in achieving their goals.* Researchers reported that when used as supplementation with conventional medicine, it had the potential to help with natural inflammation and bone marrow health.* [12]

Rehmannia root was also reported to have benefits on rats with blood system goals in a 2014 study when combined with other supplements.* [13]

8. Supports the Digestive Tract
Rehmannia root contains numerous compounds that help with natural healthy inflammation responses in the digestive tract and support the healthy growth of gut microbiota.*

9. Supports Liver Function
Among all these benefits, Rehmannia root is also believed to support liver function. Some of its nutritive compounds can help with capillaries, adrenal glands and support the operation of the liver.*

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Rehmannia root is a powerful herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is popularly used for kidney function, urinary tract system, and cardiovascular health.* Solstice Medicine Company is a premier distributor of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine with decades of experience in sourcing products from proven Traditional Chinese manufacturers and making them available to a global market.

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