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Best Herbs to Fight Cancer


5 Best Herbs to Fight Cancer

The bounty of nature is wonderful. As the weather gets warmer, many gardeners around the country can just go into the backyard for many wonderful herbs that can add lovely flavor to many dishes. We have always known that natural herbs can be very tasty, but they also can be very good for us as well.

Many every day herbs both in the garden and at the herbalist have many powerful medicinal properties that can help to prevent cancer. Many doctors point out that the best and least expensive way to cut your cancer risk is to eat a healthy diet and to supplement when possible with herbs.

Below are five herbs that you should try to get more of however you can:

#1 Rosemary

Rosemary is often used in cooking, and the leaves of this common herb have a very wood fragrance. This is due to the fatty terpenes acids that are in the herb. This naturally occurring substance encourages cancer cells in tumors to stop growing and to even die.

Research has shown that when terpene is given with several chemotherapy drugs, cancer cells can start to absorb the chemo that they have resisted in the past. In some cases, the terpene helped to kill cancer cells or to reduce how much they spread.

#2 Parsley

This is a bright green herb that many people think is just a garnish on a dinner plate. However, its powerful antioxidant powers have been noted by many doctors and researchers. Parsley has apigenine in it. This is a natural oil that can stop angiogenesis. This is a substance that can increase the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors with vital nutrients. Apigenine that is in parsley cut off the blood supply to a tumor. It actually acts in a way that is similar to the prescription drug Avastin.

#3 Thyme

There are more than 350 types of thyme around the world! It has a very long standing history of use in herbal medicine. It has been told that ancient Roman warriors brewed it in tea to boost courage and vigor. We have not seen any research that shows thyme works for this, but there is some modern research to show that it does contain substances to prevent cancer.

Thyme is full of the oil thymol. This, along with rosmarinic and ursolic acid are terpenes and have anti-cancer properties. Thyme is also effective as an antiseptic.

#4 Mint

There is a phytochemical in the leaves of mint that can cut off the blood supply to tumors and can even kill them.

#5  Dill

Dill has many strong medicinal properties which come from compounds known as monoterpenes. These are stimulants of an enzyme that is called glutathione S transferase. This is very effective in stopping carcinogens which can cause cancer.

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