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logo icon Cloves and Their Therapeutic Effects on the Body

Cloves and Their Therapeutic Effects on the Body

Cloves are dried flower buds from a specific evergreen called Eugenia aromatic. This tree is native to Indonesia, but cloves also grow in other countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and others.

For more than 1500 years, both Indian and Chinese cultures have used cloves and clove oil extensively in herbal medicine. More than 1000 years ago, Arabic traders brought clove buds back to Europe, and in the eighth century in Europe, cloves were used often to preserve food. These days, cloves are often used as a spice in the West, but their reputation as a way to fight harmful body organisms continues to increase.

Why Are Cloves So Effective for Improving Immunity?

Cloves are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. But the main ingredient that makes cloves very powerful for increasing immunity is the substance eugenol, which is also what gives cloves their distinctive odor. Eugenol has been proven effective against many harmful bacteria and viruses and also is effective in fighting funguses.

Research has proven that eugenol is very effective in fighting harmful organisms inside and outside the body. In fact, some Portuguese researchers have studied how well eugenol works against giardia, and they have found that it can actually inhibit the growth of the bacteria, and can be an effective natural therapy for that condition.

Oils that are derived from cloves, cinnamon and peppermint are just a few oils that have been found to work well against bacteria and funguses. In Japan, some researchers believe that clove can be used in combination with seafood to prevent some types of food poisoning, which can occur by eating fresh seafood.

There also is evidence that clove oil, when combined with menthol, is effective in reducing muscle and joint pain.

Other Amazing Clove Benefits

Many diseases that afflict our bodies are due to oxidative damage and free radicals. Antioxidants fight oxidative damage and plants usually are some of the best sources of these substances. Cloves, as well as sage and oregano, have many antioxidants in them that promote good health and support the function of the immune system.

Clove oil also works well to fight bloating and gas. Many users find that it reduces the pressure of gas in the stomach and intestines, and also helps with the proper elimination of food waste from the body.
It is worth noting that there are lower incidences of many types of diseases in Asia compared to the West, including heart disease and cancer. Some researchers believe this is due in part to the culinary styles in Asia that include heavy use of many spices that contain anti-oxidants, such as clove, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. 

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