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logo icon Great Health Benefits of Codonopsis Root

Great Health Benefits of Codonopsis Root


Great Health Benefits of Codonopsis Root

Codonopsis root is effective in boosting the health of your immune system; promoting better mental sharpness and memory, and generally as an adaptogen. This means that it can help your body in its reaction to stress. Some people say that this root is a poor man’s ginseng.

As with all other types of adaptogens, codonopsis root is effective in improving how your body reacts to stress. Some of the most common adaptogens in herbal medicine are ginseng and codonopsis root.

Some people believe that this herb can reduce inflammation in the body. Some studies have noted that codonopsis seems to improve how your body responds to inflammation in some immune system cells.

Another possible benefit of this root is that in combination with gingko biloba, it boosts your learning and memory. Some studies have noted that gingko and codonopsis together were more effective than placebo in improving memory function.

Codonopsis has long been one of the main Chinese herbs to support the body in the fight against diabetes, and to generally reduce complications from diabetes.

Some of the other benefits of this wonderful herb include:

  • Supporting good function of lungs and spleen: This herb works to energize the entire body, and much of this work centers on the lungs and spleen. It also is believed to be useful in asthma patients, as the root seems to cut down on the production of hormones that can cause the bronchia to constrict.
  • Boost blood quality: Some studies suggest that codonopsis root can help to boost the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and increase the number of red blood corpuscles in the blood.
  • Improve stress response: This herb has been used for years to help with hypertension and to boost your endurance for stress. It seems to help the body deal with the various symptoms of stress, such as muscle tension, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure and adrenaline. It seems to work in a similar fashion to ginseng but is believed to be a good deal milder.
  • Helps with digestion: This root is thought to help the body with loss of appetite, and also can be helpful in relieving diarrhea and vomiting. It seems to be useful in boosting the function of the spleen and to boost your energy. It also seems to cut down on pepsin secretion in the stomach, and will slow down how fast the stomach will pass food into your intestines. It then can be helpful in stopping the forming of peptic ulcers. 

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