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logo icon The Benefits of Fo-ti Root

The Benefits of Fo-ti Root


The Benefits of Fo-ti Root

Fo-ti root has long been recognized in China as helping to support the body in its fight against aging. In China, many people believe that this root can help to support fertility, boost energy levels, recharge our nerves and brain cells It also is believed to support the health of the liver and kidneys, as well as the bones, and to support blood health.

Background on Fo-Ti Root – The Elixir of Life

Fo-ti has been known by many names throughout history. Some people have called it he-shou-wu, Chinese Cornbind, Chinese Knotweed or Flowery Knotweed. It is not known in China as fo-ti root, though. That was the name that was assigned to it in the US in the 1970s by a marketer of herbs.

But by whatever name you know this herb, you should know that it has been used in herbal medicine in China for more than 3000 years. According to legends there, the first person who discovered this herb was happy to learn that it helped to bring back his natural hair color when he was younger, and also helped to restore his sexual vitality. Since that time, this herb has been recognized as a youthful tonic and also an elixir of life.

Another legend in China states that the well known Chinese herbalist Chung Yung used this herb every day, and supposedly lived to be over 200 years old. While we cannot verify such a claim, this just goes to show that fo-ti has indeed been believed to support vitality and anti-aging for many years.

What Is the Basis Behind the Claims for Fo-Ti Root?

In its processed, modern form, fo-ti has protein/sugar molecules in it that are called lectins. Lectins can help to cut down on fat levels in our blood. They also are believed to help to prevent heart disease.

This is how lectins work: They attach to certain types of carbohydrates in our bodies and behave much like antibodies. However, they do not cause any allergy symptoms in the body. In this way, lectins seem to be able to block plaque formation in our blood vessels, which can then stop heart disease from occurring.

Clinical Studies That Support Fo-Ti Benefits

As will most herbs, clinical research has been limited. However, some studies have suggested that this herb’s reputation is indeed well deserved.

One of these studies was shown to help to slow down vital organ aging in animals, especially the reproductive organs. The same formula also showed similar results in clinical trials.

How Can Fo-Ti Help in the Bedroom?

Fo-ti has long been believed to help to boost sexual vigor and fertility. It also is thought to be helpful for men with erectile dysfunction. It is thought by some experts that this is the case because fo-ti can help to boost red blood cell counts, and is able to lower cholesterol levels that are caused by either hypertension or heart disease. 

Our Recommendation – Anshen Buxin Wan

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It is believed in China that this product can provide your sleeping cycle with essential support. This product also is thought to be helpful in restoring sexual vitality and energy for both men and women.

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