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logo icon The Wonders of Polygala Root

The Wonders of Polygala Root


Polygala root has been known for centuries in China as a super herb. Its history in that country extends as far back to ancient Daoist monks. They have a strong belief that polygala has strong benefits for the mind and spirit.

This root has often been used in many cultures as a naturally calming herb. It is thought to relax the mind, calm emotions and help with sleeping. Many herbalists also think that it can help you to think more creatively, and to come up with better ideas.

Another benefit is that polygala root helps with stimulating the libido for men and women. It is thought that it can help to deepen the sexual experience.

How It Grows

Polygala Senega is a perennial branching root. Smooth, round and leafy stems grow from it that are 9-12 inches long. The leaves are either alternate or scattered, and also are pointed and smooth, with a bright green surface. It has a fresh smell that resembles winter green, which is .1% methyl salicylate. The active ingredient in the root is a mix of triterpeonid saponins.


These saponins have been studied and are thought to be beneficial to the body in the following ways:

  • A natural calming herb that works on your nervous system and helps to relieve anxiety.
  • An effective stimulant for the respiratory membranes, and promotes saliva flow, as well as the expectoration of phlegm..
  • May help with the symptoms of asthma and bronchial issues; can help with coughing up mucus from within the chest.
  • Stimulates the organs, uterus and promotes healthy blood circulation.

Ancient beliefs stated that polygala root helps with sexual vitality, by supposedly improving the energy flow between the kidney and heart. They believed that if this energy channel were blocked, there is a loss of connection between sexual energy and our emotions. They believed that polygala helps boost our sexual satisfaction and also brings more happiness into our lives and minds. This is why this herb long has been thought of as a natural alternative to help with libido and loss of sexual vitality.

Another herb that often is used together with polygala root is schisandra berry. These berries are highly regarded and thought to help the sexual organs, liver, nervous system, and also the circulatory system. In many products, polygala root and schisandra berries work together. Both herbs work on similar areas of the body, and can help you to regain much of your lost vitality.

Schisandra berries are grown on beautiful vines that are grown in Korea, China and Russia. The plant is always appreciated because of its lovely flowers and fruit. These berries have long been dried and used by Chinese herbalists for the following:

  • Helping to improve performance of the kidneys and sexual organ
  • Improving the nervous system and speed of the reflexes
  • Boosting mental clarity and helping to improve the memory
  • Boosting protection of the liver and helping with production of red blood cells 

Our Recommendation – Ning San Yuen

Our popular herbal supplement that is especially useful for improving your mental alertness when you are feeling tired on occasion. It also can help to prevent you from falling asleep when you want to stay awake.

This natural herbal supplement also is helpful in promoting the health of the heart, immune system, circulatory system and the sexual organs.

We recommend that you take one pill twice per day. You should let it dissolve in your mouth, or drink it after it has dissolved in warm water. Children can also take this product – ½ a pill twice per day.

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