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logo icon Treating Allergies With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Allergies With Traditional Chinese Medicine


Treating Allergies with Herbal Medicine

The more medicines we ingest the less likely our bodies are to respond to the medicine. We tend to build up a tolerance over time. This means that if you take Advil regularly for your headache, you are going to need to increase your dosage over time for it to have the same effect. Over years, this means that we often turn to medicines in increasing frequency and dosages to deal with our many medical problems, with steadily decreasing rates of return.

Nowhere is this more true than with allergies. There is strong evidence that the more regular allergy medicines we take, the less effective they are over time. The good new is that there are several ways that we can treat allergies naturally. By using vitamins, minerals and herbs, you will increase your immune system strength and provide your body with better adrenal support. You are then not just fighting allergies, but are helping to help your body fight off illnesses in the future.

This type of approach to fighting allergies is known as an orthomolecular approach. This type of approach focuses on using nutritional supplements to boost the body. This can help to correct any nutritional imbalances in your body that can affect the immune system.

What you need to try to do is to boost your immune system with various supplements to help to help you fight off allergies naturally. Some of the supplements and natural herbs that you can use to help fight off allergies include:

Licorice Root

Licorice root has long been cited as helping allergies. It tends to work well because it increases the production of the adrenal glands to produce hormones that fight allergies and illnesses, and also cut inflammation. It also helps to produce interferon, which is a natural chemical in the body that helps to fight many viruses. You also can try a licorice root tea, drinking it three times per day.


This herbal helper will boost the metabolic activity of your body and will boost the immune system. It can also help you to build a resistance to flu and colds. It also will boost your body's production of interferon.


This herb is very high in vitamin C and in quercitin, which is a very natural antihistamine. This herb also can help your body to fight many infections. It can boost energy and can help you to fight off bronchitis, asthma and colds.

Goldenseal Root

Great for soothing inflammation and also provides antibiotic effects.

Vitamin C with Quercitin

This is a very powerful supplement that provides you with plenty of antihistamine support and vitamin C also will help your immune system.

Our Recommendation - Coltalin Tablets

This product is very effective in helping to relieve you with many of the symptoms of the common cold and also allergies. Some of the illnesses it will treat include hay fever, respiratory allergies and also sore throat and fever. can be located in the

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Benefits of Dong-Quai Root as a Herbal Supplement
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