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Fragrant Angelica

The herb Fragrant Angelica is also referred to by its binomial name Angelica dahurica; the Chinese name Bai Zhi, or its other less common name “Dahurian angelica”. Some refer to Fragrant Angelica as “women’s ginseng” as the Chinese have consumed angelica for thousands of years to support the body’s normal regulation of menstrual periods and hot flashes.*


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Fragrant Angelica has been used for thousands of years in Chinese herbal medicine to support healthy skin and a healthy circulatory and nervous systems.* The physician Zhang Congzheng (1156–1228) believed that all diseases were caused by evil factors introduced into the human body. Congzheng classified Fragrant Angelica as a sweat-inducing herb to fight “evil factors” such as dampness, dryness, cold, and heat.

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