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Menthol is a derivative of the oils obtained from cornmint, peppermint, and other mints. Common Traditional Chinese Medicine practice includes menthol as a nutrient for throat and seasonal respiratory discomforts, as the mint offers a refreshing sensation.*


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Menthol can be used topically as an OTC-drug ointment that works as an analgesic/anaesthetic for muscles, sprains, and headaches. The analgesic properties help to achieve temporary pain relief and can help stress and compete against bacterial growth. In its liquid form, menthol can be taken orally to support the body’s natural response to the sensation of nausea and motion sickness.*

Menthol is widely used as a balm and is popular during the summer for its cooling properties on the surface of the skin. The balm can be applied on the temples to keep the body cool, or some also use it as repellent due to its strong scent.

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