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logo icon Best Herbs for Giving You Quick Energy Boost

Best Herbs for Giving You Quick Energy Boost

If you are feeling tired or not as energetic as you should, you should not always reach for common stimulants, such as caffeine or sugar. In many cases, these substances can do more harm than good and they increase your heart rate and your blood pressure. They also can make you more nervous and make you suffer from stomach and sleep problems.

Instead you should try some of these herbs for an energy jolt:

1. Siberian ginseng – This herb is very popular for many athletes, but you do not have to be a workout nut to enjoy many benefits of this wonderful natural remedy. This herb can boost your stamina, cut down on fatigue and minimize your feelings of stress. Enjoy Siberian ginseng in capsules, pills or even as a tea. Ginseng is an adaptogen and will work to normalize all functions of the body. It also will stimulate several aspects of your immune system so it is very good if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or another type of viral infection. You should be sure that all of the supplements that you buy have natural Siberian ginseng, which all of the products on this site do.

2. Ginkgo – This herb will boost your flow of energy at the cell level by boosting the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. This is what helps your brain to metabolize glucose for more energy. This will improve the mental function of your body. If you are feeling drained of energy, then you should strongly consider taking ginkgo.

3. Ashwaganda – This has been used a lot in Ayurvedic medicine and can cut down on fatigue and exhaustion of the nerves. It also can increase resistance to stress, which can improve your levels of energy.

4. Astralagus – This natural remedy is very effective for boosting your metabolism and is also very good to fight fatigue. It is very effective in pill or capsule form. Note that you should not take it if you are suffering from any infections or have a high fever. This is because it can make the virus actually stronger. It is common to use this herb with other herbs, such as ginseng.

5. Stinging nettle – This can be very effective if consumed as a tea, which can actually give you more energy than coffee, but it does not have the stimulant downsides. Nettles are jammed with minerals and vitamins.

6. Cinnamon – This is really great for improving your metabolism and your level of energy. It also can actually help you to drop pounds because of its effect on your metabolism.

7. Cayenne – There are few herbs that have the ability to get your blood flowing any better than this one. It will boost your circulation and will boost the flow of blood and get your oxygen levels to their optimum. This is what will make you feel like you are more energized and awake. It is a natural way to get your metabolism boosted.

8. Asian ginseng – This type of ginseng is different from Siberian but it also can help to boost your levels of energy. It can boost both the mental and the physical aspects of performance under stressful situations. 

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