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logo icon Four Powerful Herbs That Fight Against Aging

Four Powerful Herbs That Fight Against Aging

No one wants to grow old, because often it means that we get painful and debilitating health problems that take away from our quality of life. Still, many of us develop problems with high blood pressure, arthritis, circulatory problems, heart problems, diabetes and other debilitating problems as we age. But the six herbs that are mentioned below can help to slow or even reverse some of the common problems with aging. If you take them over long periods of time, you will see the best results.

The first herb for anti-aging is dandelion root. 

This herb has long been best known as a cleanser of the liver and a purifier of the blood. It also has the ability to properly regulate insulin flow in diabetics. This means that it can stop the rushes of increased insulin to your blood. Also, diabetics should know that it will boost the function of your kidneys, because it boosts their ability to cleanse your blood. This root also is good for making your pancreas more healthy and keeping your nervous system in good shape. Dandelion root has a lot of fiber and is full of vitamin A, too. It also is high in vitamin C, D and B-complex, all of which help to keep your immune system functioning well.

The second herb is Siberian ginseng.

Ginseng, which has been known for ages as the herb of longevity. It is able to protect your body from stress, and it also improves your mental acuity and your physical function. It is an adaptogen, which means that it can properly regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar. This herb is one of the most famous in the entire herbal canon, and is very important to keep you healthy and feeling and looking young.

The third herb, cayenne pepper, is a very strong anti-aging herb.

Cayenne pepper will regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol, and also improves the function of your thyroid, your blood circulation, cuts your stress, fights fatigue and is actually a natural antibiotic.

Garlic also is very good at regulating your blood pressure and levels of cholesterol. It is a natural antibiotic and can work against 27 different pathogens, such as staph. It is effective for vaginal yeast infections, too. This is worth remembering if you are a woman who frequently is battling these annoying infections. By taking garlic regularly, you can often avoid yeast infections.

Echinacea root also helps to ward off the effects of age, by building up our immune system. It can help many skin disorders, such as acne, boils and abscesses. A paste that is made from this herb can be applied to wounds and insect bites to help them heal faster.

Burdock root is a great cleanser of the blood, and is highly recommended for getting toxins and wastes out of your body. It can be very effective to take after you have been sick with cold or flu to help you recuperate. It also is highly restorative to your gall bladder and liver. Some clinical evidence also has shown that it is another natural antibiotic and can help to ward off some fungi and even tumors.


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