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logo icon Great Herbs for Fighting and Helping Relieve Insomnia

Great Herbs for Fighting and Helping Relieve Insomnia

 Many people today suffer from insomnia. Is this really a surprise? Many people have poor diets, a lot of stress and very busy lives. These issues are coupled with TV, artificial lights, smart phones, computers and other distractions that help to ensure that we do not always get the rest our bodies crave.

However, not getting enough sleep also can be caused by your mind being just too busy, getting too much caffeine, blood sugar issues another other problems.

One of the key things to sort out with your insomnia problem is to understand the particulars. When do you have trouble sleeping? Day or night? Do you have trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep? Does your insomnia come with feelings of anxiety? Do you suddenly wake up with your mind full of thoughts, even though you are still tired?

If you suffer from evening and night insomnia, you often are having problems with your mind being too busy. Sometimes we do not provide our bodies with the time that it needs to wind down after a long day. We might be spending too many hours in front of the computer or TV at night, which tends to wind us up. It is a good idea to turn off TVs, computers and smart phones at least an hour before bedtime.

It always is useful to try a warm bath about 90 minutes before you go to bed. Try to lace your bathwater with lavender oil, which is really useful to calm the mind and body.

When it comes to herbs for evening insomnia, try valerian. It can be effective to calm a worried mind before bed. Three or four capsules of this herb can help you relax before bed. It actually is quite good as a sedative, but it will not make you groggy like some sedatives can.

California poppy is an effective herb for night insomnia caused by anxiety. This herb can help you to fall asleep and to generally improve the quality of your rest.

Passion flower is useful if you often wake up at night. It normally comes in drop form and should be used just before bed.

For morning insomnia, you can try the above herbs. But often morning insomnia is caused by an increase in your cortisol levels. Having a cortisol level that is too high can cause your immune system to be suppressed, and can cause you to gain weight. Some people who are on low carb diets also seem to get this kind of insomnia.

For this sort of sleeplessness, you should try magnolia bark. It can help your mind and body to relax by reducing your levels of cortisol. This also may help you over time to reduce weight and to reduce your chances of getting diabetes. This herb can be taken at night or when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb because it helps to reduce your stress levels but it does not affect your energy. It is not a sedative, but it can help you to return to sleep if you are getting a spike in your cortisol level in the morning. It is believed that this herb can delay the release of cortisol. It also can help to heal stress effects on our bodies. 

Our Recommendation “Chien Chin Chih Tai Wain“

This natural herbal product is helpful to your general health and well being, and also can help you to sleep at night if you suffer from night insomnia. It supports your immune system and keeps your appetite strong. We recommend that you take 10 pills, one time per day.

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