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Health Benefits of Lycium Berries

Lycium berries are bright red and come from a shrub that is grown in southeastern Europe and Asia. This berry has long been valued for its high levels of phytonutrients that are thought to provide several health benefits to our bodies.

Lycium berries have been in Chinese lore and medicine as long ago as 2800 BC. According to legend, the First Emperor Shen Nung was an herbalist who used lycium berries in various ways to benefit the body. He noted at the time that the herb can nourish the liver and kidney and is good for the eyes.

According to a legend in China, there was a man hundreds of years ago named Li Ching Yuen. He is thought to have been advised at age 50 to start to eat lycium berries, which, according to legend, helped him to live to 150 years old. Eventually, it was thought that this man lived to 256 years old, partially with the help of lyceum berries. Of course, this cannot be proven, but there is strong evidence today that lycium berries can help maintain the health of the body in many ways, including the benefits listed below.


Lycium berries can help to support good vision and can help the prevention of diabetic retinopathy, which is a complication related to diabetes that can damage vision. It is believed, according to some studies, that the amino acid taurine, which is in these berries in high amounts, can protect cells in the retina from damage that can be caused by high levels of glucose in the boy. Research supports the notion that high levels of taurine likely provide the protective benefits to the cells in the retina.


Lycium berry juice is believed to be good for the skin and can be effective in helping to prevent some forms of skin cancer. Some studies have shown that this juice can help to ward off skin damage that is associated with too much exposure to the sun.

According to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website, an observational study in China suggested that the polysaccharides from lycium berries can have strong, positive effects when they are used with some treatments for cancer.

That website also notes that these berries have long been used to treat various types of inflammation, skin irritation, nose bleeds, aches and pains.

These berries also are thought to help to support the growth of healthy red blood cells in the body. This can help to relieve some menstruation problems, and also can benefit the heart.

Antioxidant Effects

Chinese research indicates that doses of lycium berry extract, given over a month, can help to increase the levels of antioxidant liver enzymes, and was able to cut down on oxidative damage in blood by up to 10%.

Also, these berries have compounds in them that are very high in Vitamin A, which can help to protect the skin, improve vision and benefit your immune system.

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This is one of our best herbal supplements to support the health of the immune system. It can be beneficial in maintaining overall good health and supporting your body’s efforts to fight disease.

We recommend that you take up to two pills daily with warm water.

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