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logo icon The Health Benefits of Burdock Fruit

The Health Benefits of Burdock Fruit


The Health Benefits of Burdock Fruit

Burdock fruit comes from the burdock plant - a handsome plant that has large, wavy leaves and purple flowers. The plant is pale green and is about four feet high. The leaves are large on the lower branches and smaller on the upper. The plant gets its name from 'dock,' referring to its large leaves.


The flowers, fruit and roots are often used in Chinese herbal medicine for many uses. The fruit are collected when they are fully ripe. They are brown and grey in color, are wrinkled and are about 1/16 of an inch in diameter.

Burdock fruit is frequently used as a diuretic, and is thought to help to purify the blood. Many ancient users thought that the fruit and root helped with many skin problems, such as eczema. Ancients also used the root and fruit for boils, scurvy and rheumatism. It is also thought to be superior to Sarsaparilla, and is useful for ulcers and scaly disorders of the skin.

The seeds and fruit are often used on the skin; a tincture and fluid extract is usually prepared and spread on the skin. It is believed that the herb has a good effect on the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands. This may help to clear up many annoying skin conditions, including acne. This is likely due to their highly oily nature.

Other Uses

Burdock fruit has often been used to help with arthritis, diabetes and loss of hair. Also, burdock fruit has been found to be supportive of healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Laboratory studies have looked into the use of burdock fruit to help ward off bacterial infections and kidney problems.

Also researcher in Germany believe that burdock fruit may be helpful to fight chronic inflammation that can lead to aging and wrinkled skin. The active ingredient in the fruit is arctium lappa, and may be able to protect the skin against inflammation that occurs as we age. It also may be able to stimulate the synthesis of our connective tissues, including collagen. This could make the fruit useful to support the health of your joints and bones as you age.

Some theories say that aging of the skin is in part caused by inflammation that occurs as we age. This can lead to loss of dermal elasticity and resilience, which may lead to a wrinkled appearance


Burdock fruit and root has several helpful compounds that have many of the health benefits noted above. Some of these include inulin, tannins, polyphenolic acid, volatile acids, polyacetylenes, and butyric acid. 

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